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From Charlie Robinson: “On the subject of footballing shibboleths, I’ve always been something of a fan of time-wasting. Don’t get me wrong, often it can be infuriating and downright cheating, but when it’s not completely egregious, it can be something of an art form in its own right. And I’ll even admit to being amused by some good time-wasting against my own team. I mean, who isn’t tickled by someone deliberately blootering the ball out of the ground in added time? And disrupting the flow of your opponents as they desperately try to get back into the game can be, under the right circumstances, a legitimate tactic. Best of all, of course, is a team keeping the ball in the corner, winning throw-in after throw-in. That’s quite a skill, don’t you think?”

It’s fine when that Panama ballboy/sub/whoever it was does it, but usually no.

Mark Sutton has, meanwhile, emailed in about tonight’s football: “I’m very surprised by City’s lineup. Barring Delph it’s their strongest possible. Given that Silva should be relatively fresh, I’m also surprised KdB isn’t rested. Aside from the agriculture committed against him on Sunday he did look very jaded all the way through.”

One from Tim Young: “If I had a bitcoin for every pub bore who’d told me Paul Scholes was underrated during the last 20 years I wouldn’t be going to work tomorrow. But I don’t see it at all – literally everyone I’ve ever met thinks Scholes was fantastic (he was), and I’ve never met anyone who didn’t rate him. So at best you could say he was rated, though I’d tend towards him being over rated: for me he couldn’t tackle and didn’t

Swansea: Fabianski, van der Hoorn, Fernandez, Mawson, Rangel, Sanches, Carroll, Clucas, Olsson, Dyer, Ayew. Subs: Fer, Narsingh, Nordfeldt, Routledge, Bartley, Roque, McBurnie.

Tottenham Hotspur: Lloris, Trippier, Sanchez, Vertonghen, Davies, Dier, Alli, Lamela, Eriksen, Son, Llorente. Subs: Kane, Wanyama, Vorm, Sissoko, Aurier, Winks, Walker-Peters.

The top line here is that Harry Kane, who was ill earlier in the festive period, starts on the bench. So Llorente gets a go against his old club!

consistently affect games in the way a player of his ability should have.”

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